Mountain lion stuck at border wall

Demarcated Landscapes features a compelling photograph of a mountain lion stuck along a wall in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge:

Mountain lion stuck at border wallDemarcated Landscapes

The wall between America and Mexico is having a significant impact on wildlife migration.

Idaho Republicans turning over a new leaf ?

Rocky Barker collects some quotes from candidate politicians and says :

Idaho Republicans going green in red state Idaho Statesman

The League of Conservation Voters collects Idaho politicians’ voting records and says :

Senator State 110th, 1st session Score
Larry Craig (REP) ID 13%
Mike Crapo (REP) ID 13%

Representative District 110th, 1st session Score
William Sali (REP) ID-1 0%
Mike Simpson (REP) ID-2 5%

Names link to voting record on key evironmental issues and politician’s score over their career – namely, WHY their score is the way that it is.