Drill, baby, Drill

George Wuerthner confronts the “Drill, baby, Drill” mantra with real energy conservation solutions.  George has fired up a new blog which will include his essays of the past as well as those currently under construction.  Check it out :

Drill, baby, DrillWuerthner on the Environment

Wyoming ‘left in the dark’ concerning federal reversal on delisting

Wyoming governor Fruedenthal doesn’t know what to think of the federal government’s reversal on wolf delisting.

Wolf decision surprised FruedenthalCasper Star-Tribune:

“It’s difficult to work in a partnership with a federal government who can change directions as quickly as these folks do. And particularly when they don’t tell you,” Freudenthal said. “There’s clearly a signal that they’ve changed directions. As to the new direction, as to what that direction is, we don’t know We don’t know why they’re doing it.”

The governor said there’s “clearly smoke in the air,” but he hasn’t been able to find the fire yet.

Stop, drop, and roll Governor.

Wolf population in MT, WY, ID is decreasing or ‘static’

Wolf population maybe declining in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana !!

We thought the politicians said they always grew.

Wolf numbers are down compared to last year’s number with as many as 250 being killed to placate Livestock.  Whether or not wolf populations are leveling off is uncertain given this is just one year, what is certain is that this demonstrates that “explosive wolf populations” myth that is parroted is ridiculous;  Wolves are subject to population regulation including disease, carrying capacity (biological/sociological) which is unfortunately heavily diminished by sustained intolerance.

Wolf population shrinksCasper Star-Tribune

Wolf population in MT, WY, ID is decreasing or ‘static’Montana’s News Station