It’s finally out! Big DNA study yielding grizzly population count in NW Montana

DNA study doubles bear census.

By Jim Mann.Daily Inter Lake
The long awaited $5-million study of how many grizzy bears there really are in NW Montana is finally out. There are 765 bears, considerably more than previous estimates.

Federal study says grizzlies thriving in Montana. By Dina Cappiello. Associated Press Writer

As mentioned earlier, John McCain likes to attack this study in particular as the example of a big waste. Some will argue it is (they already have on this forum). McCain, however, fails to perceive what the study is about, waste or not. He has indicated it thinks it is about which bear is related to the next. He jokes that it could be used in bear paternity suits.

There are probably not exactly 765 bears. This number is the midpoint estimate. There is a + and – margin of error. The 95% confidence interval is 715 to 831 bears.

Sarah Palin: Ice queen of the Arctic

A view of Palin’s views on the environment from a major U.K. newspaper.

Sarah Palin, the Republican party’s vice-president nominee, governs an oil-rich area that has seen some of the most dramatic effects of climate change. So what’s her record on environmental concerns?

By Britt Collins. The Guardian. Sarah Palin: Ice queen of the Arctic

Updated. Feds decide NOT to delist the wolf !!

Opponents of wolf delisting win!

The cryptic early report is now definite. “Feds keeping Northern Rockies wolf listed for now.” AP. By Matthew Brown.

So the great wolf delisting battle seems to be over, at least for a while (until after the election).

This morning (Sept 17), Rocky Barker has an opinion on this. Bush Administration prepares to give up on wolf delisting for now. Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.