A complete table of Yellowstone wolves 1995-2008

The other day Ken Cole sent me a remarkable piece of work of his. He had taken the data I have put up since 1995 and added some additional data and made a file showing every wolf that was radio-collared in the Yellowstone Park from 1995-2008.

It was a very large Excel file, which I have converted to a pdf. My conversion isn’t perfect, but I think you can read it and use it fairly well by enlarging it to 100%

Note that the table also includes the data for the first 2 years of Idaho wolves (those wolves brought from Alberta and British Columbia and released in central Idaho).


When I get the time, I might try to clean up the defects in my conversion.

Thanks, Ken. This is good stuff.

6 Responses to “A complete table of Yellowstone wolves 1995-2008”

  1. Bob Caesar Says:

    What a great effort! Thanks – Bob

  2. Maska Says:

    Thanks for posting this great information, and thanks to Ken Cole for a valuable resource.

  3. Izabela Says:

    I have a question:
    Is there a pack of wolves around Obsidian
    Cliffs and Willow Flats.

  4. Jim Says:

    Awesome table. Just got home from YNP. We saw 10-11 sloughs and heard them howl. It was awesome. We also saw 5 or so Druids. Great trip. Does anyone know anything about the “canyon group”? Apparently it is 2 Mollies and 1 of the Haydens.

  5. Nathan Says:

    Hi Jim
    I dont know too much about the group around Canyon but I have seen them at one point they had 2 pups, from what I overheard they are now down to 1 pup. When I saw them this spring there was a group of three the male was black, the mom was whitish and a grey colored wolf was around as well. They feasted on elk kill near the road and I was also lucky to witness them move the two pups to a different location.

    I have not heard much of them since though I understand they were eating away at a buffalo in Hayden valley a few days ago and are still in the area.

  6. Jim Says:

    Nathan, thanks. I wish I would have known there was a carcass in the Hayden valley when we were there! Any idea where it was at? Thanks for the info.

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