With homeowner in doghouse, bobcats move in

Here’s a fun story.

With homeowner in doghouse, bobcats move in. LA Times.

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Another coal mine planned near the upper Flathead River?

Flathead Basin Commission hears of new coal mine. By Heidi Desch. Hungry Horse News.

Link to North Fork Landowners’ Association. Photos and new information about mining in the headwaters of the Flathead.

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Montana folks and politicians are very nervous about all this planned heavy activity (huge mountain removing mines) in and near the headwaters of the Flathead River in Canada. It could be very damaging to Glacier National Park and the Flathead River. This nearly pristine river does not reach a populated area until Montana.

It’s the open-pit Lodgepole Mine that is most controversial. The mine would be surrounded by 2000 !! coalbed methane wells in full field development.

Once it gets into the United States, bad mine pollution could damage hundreds of miles of streams and lakes in Montana and, further downstream, Idaho.

If anyone wants to see how generally rugged this country is, find Elko, BC on Google Earth, the go east to the top of Lodgepole Creek. The Logdepole Mine would be between Foisey Creek and McLatchie Creek. The mine appears to be on Elk River/Flathead boundary (divide), but the subsurface drainage is hardly worked out.

The Elk River runs into Lake Koocanusa, a long reservoir on the Kootenai (or Kootenay) River in B.C. and Montana.

I’ve been doing some research. Those interested will want to look at these maps. Maps of the transboundary Flathead.

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Montana wolf weekly Aug 23-29. Willow Creek Pack wiped out, 13 wolves over time.

Idaho and Montana are still doing “wolf weeklies” or bi-weeklies to inform citizens.

Wyoming has done zip since June.

Montana Wolf Weekly. Aug. 23-29, 2008. This is a publication of Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

These state reports are mostly about killing wolves for alleged attacks on livestock. I’m worried what the final toll will be at the end of the year. See the comments below. Folks, we are getting almost no information.

Earlier. Wildlife officials kill two wolves Friday near Hall. Posted on August 15. These were Willow Creek Pack wolves. Hall, MT is near Drummond, MT (better known).

Montana wolves eradicated because of livestock depredation. By Lee News Service. I hadn’t been following this, but I just realized they have gradually killed 13 wolves, eliminating the Willow Creek pack. The individual stories are pretty minor — a lamb here, a calf there. FWP had gone to trouble to deploy fladry.

Update. Sept. 6, 2008. Wolves killed near Eureka, Montana (Murphy Lake Pack). Missoulian. By Michael Jamison. This is a pack dating to 1989 (remember that wolves were reintroduced in 1996 and 6). They killed a few sheep in 1997. Eureka is near the Canadian Border.  My photo of Dickey Lake, close to Murphy Lake (my one trip to the area).

How far will Montana’s livestock industry go. Will they try to slaughter the Yellowstone elk to eliminate brucellosis

This is a long feature article in the Missoula Independent.

Bigger Game By Patrick Klemz

Governor Otter and others: Photo-op environmentalism

They don’t do anything to restore the salmon runs, but they show up for photos when the small run of salmon finally makes it past Stanley, Idaho.

View of the Idaho Mountain Express: photo-op environmentalism.