Prosecutor: Gillett will not be re-tried

Prosecutor: Gillett will not be re-tried. Idaho Mountain Express.

Defenders attacks Palin for pushing aerial hunting of wolves and bears

Defenders of Wildlife just released the following.

Wolves of B.C. Coast prefer salmon over deer

Wolves prefer fishing to hunting. It is easier for the wolves to catch salmon than track deer. BBC News.

“Wolves in western Canada prefer to fish for salmon when it is in season rather than hunt deer or other wild game, researchers have found.”

Easier? Why I thought wolves from Canada were killing machines that took down anything — the bigger the better.

Anthrax NW of Yellowstone now killing wildlife

Anthrax NW of Yellowstone now killing wildlife. Bozeman Chronicle. By Jessica Mayrer

The anthrax that has killed about 250 of Ted Turner’s bison is now killing deer and elk in the area. When I think of this and Montana Department of Livestock’s single-minded focus on brucellosis, it makes me furious.

Apparently the anthrax was dormant in the area, not brought in by Turner’s bison.

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Wolf packs attack the toughest prey in Yellowstone

Wolf packs attack the toughest prey in Yellowstone. By Brett French. Billings Gazette Staff.
“It’s not easy being a bison-eating wolf in Yellowstone National Park.”

Mollies Pack has become a rugged bison-killing wolf pack. They are a pack ideal for this with their big brawny male wolves. It’s no accident. With elk, big males in a pack are superfluous as long as their is one big guy, but not so with bison. So the big males born to Mollies tend to stay with the pack and others sees to join it.

To some degree the Cougar Creek and Gibbon Meadows Pack have become bison killers too.

Silver Gate man spends days recording wolf movements

Silver Gate man spends days recording wolf movements. By Brett French. Billings Gazette.

This story is about a great man almost every wolf watcher in Yellowstone Park soon meets, Ranger Rick McIntyre.

Good news for the Kootenai River sturgeon

Deal reached on Kootenai sturgeon. By Nicholas K. Geranios.  Associated Press Writer

The huge and long-lived sturgeon have not been able to spawn successfully in the Kootenai RIver since the Libby Dam was finished way back in the 1970s.

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