Off-road rage

More people, more off-roaders (50 million?!), more off-road rage – standardNET

3 Responses to “Off-road rage”

  1. Rick Hammel Says:

    Good article. Two of the comments that follow are right on. The other two are by ORV folks who feel that they are being persecuted. Bit that persecution has been going on for 50 or so years. Must be some thing to it!


  2. Linda Hunter Says:

    Interesting. . they always say that most people are respectful but that there are ‘few bad apples” . . I suppose that is true among hikers, kayakers, horseback riders and trail runners too. . it’s just that without the machines they aren’t as noticeable . . . does the future hold laws that have to be designed for the worst elements?

  3. Save bears Says:

    Didn’t we just go over this subject a few weeks ago?

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