Climate change to fuel wildfires in West

Seems pretty intuitive to me :

Report: Climate change to fuel wildfires in

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  1. kt Says:

    I’m kinda suspicious that the range and land grant folks and some others may be trying to set the stage for “triage” and landscape manipulation. We’ll see.

    And here is a NY Times article about climate:

    In this article, I am struck by a simple concept from Forestry 101 that I had forgotten – self-thinning. One of the main “sins” of junipers and pinyon 100-200 according to the Univ of Nevada Reno “range” types is that they are claimed to be too dense. Duh — they are trees. Leave ’em alone and they are likely to self-thin.

    if we try to intervene and manipulate this all – it will be guaranteed to be a disaster.

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