States put wolf hunts on hold

Yellowstone Park fire closes part of the Grand Loop road

Fire burns 800 acres, closes road in Yellowstone. By the Billings Gazette Staff and Associated Press.

The powerline caused fire is near LeHardy Rapids. This is the first large Yellowstone Park fire of the season.

Anthrax strikes down 25 of Ted Turner’s bison

25 Ted Turner Bison Die of Anthrax. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau

Aug. 5, 2008, update. Anthrax on Turner ranch prompts road closure. By Jessica Mayrer. Bozeman Chronicle staff writer.

Montana DOL, so vigilant about brucellosis has finally decided maybe anthrax is a danger to people!

Outrageous giveaway to public land ranchers in Utah proposed

A push for a West Hermosa Creek Wilderness in SW Colorado

Outdoors enthusiasts pushing for creation of West Hermosa Creek Wilderness. By Dave Buchanan. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

A link to the Hermosa Creek roadless area at

The politics of firefighting: “CNN drops”

Air tanker drops in wildfires are often just for show. By Julie Cart and Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Rocky Barker: Ron Gillette’s anti-wolf drive only had quarter of names needed to get on ballot

Anti-wolf drive only had quarter of names needed to get on ballot. By Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.

Barker sees Gillette’s new anti-wolf intitiative’s chances as dismal.

Update: Wolf petition is bogus. LTE. Idaho Mountain Express.