Utah BLM isn’t responding to the needs of sportsmen

Utah BLM isn’t responding to the needs of sportsmen. By Dan Potts, Chris Thomas and Joel Webster. Salt Lake Tribune.

That’s because the BLM has been directed to focus on energy more than ever (it’s not they did much for wildlife or recreation in the past).

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Real estate slump is a boon to conservation deals

Several months ago, we discussed the land purchase opportunities posed by the current real estate slump.  Now here is a new article about the matter.

Real estate slump is a boon to conservation deals. AP.

Grazing on Washington state wildlife lands, and an ugly political deal by governor Christine Gregoire

Washington state’s governor Christine Gregoire (Democrat) open up critical wildlife lands purchased by the state to cattle grazing as a political deal — an effort to strengthen her reelection chances in a part of the state where she is a weak.

This much needed article in the Seattle Times makes that very clear.

What the article doesn’t say is that this “illegitimate political child” shows why she is weak in the area, and her cowpie politics won’t help her — she doesn’t have a clue about the economy or the politics of the area.

She must think half of the people around Ellensburg or Yakima are cattle growers or work in closer associated industries.

First of all, cattle growers are a huge minority of the population in the area. Secondly, they wouldn’t vote for a female Democrat from west of the Cascade if they lined up and told they’d be shot.

All this has done is ruin critical wildlife lands, purchased at great expense, have no perceptible impact on rural subdivisions (price of gas and mortgage availability are many time more important), and alienate her supporters.

Fortunately, the Western Watersheds Project has been busy fighting this insult to her own self-interest.

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Earlier on the Washington state wildlife lands cattle grazing-

March 27, 2007. Western Watersheds Project says it will sue to keep cattle out of Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area in Washington.

April 18, 2007. Another victory for WWP. Cattle turnout on Washington state Wildlife Areas stopped!

April 19, 2007. Photos and video of cattle in the Joseph Creek Wildlife area. Washington State.
Note if you like the song “Get the cows off our mother’s face,” you can find more from Tim Lengerich at CD baby.

May 14, 2007. Cattle vs. wildlife at Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area