‘Only you’ can change how we deal with fire

Heath Druzin and Rocky Barker discuss fire policy, suppression and keeping your public forests manicured:

‘Only you’ can change how we deal with fireIdaho Statesman

2 Responses to “‘Only you’ can change how we deal with fire”

  1. kt Says:

    Great description Brian! Keeping your forests manicured. Sounds just like what the BLM has in mind for the wee bit of Douglas fir forested country in the Samaria Mountains south of Pocatello. They want to “manicure” (log, slash and prescribe burn) nearly every acre that has “hazardous fuels”. To save it from burning in a wild fire some day … To purge trees that ave dies from insects …Here, the “treatment” seems aimed at growing cattle and sheep forage …

  2. Ryan Says:


    They are manicured for timber production more than anything else. One of the reasons for the rampant decline of mule deer populations is the suppression of fires.

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