USFWS reinstates rules following Molloy’s injunction

This news release was issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today (July 22) in the wake of Judge Malloy’s decision returning the wolf in the Northern Rockies to the endangered species protections of various kinds (from experimental, non-essential to endangered, depending on the area).

Those wolves in extreme northern Idaho and NW Montana now have the most protection. None of Wyoming is a wolf free kill zone anymore.


Here is the news release-

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Native Carnivores are scared from Parks by even quiet human use

Feverish natural gas drilling has wreaked havoc on West’s precious natural features

“The industrial takeover of the West is not about oil or the price of gasoline at the pump. Domestic oil production, in fact, has suffered from a shell game.

Nearly all the drilling on public lands is, in fact, about methane: natural gas. The booty at the wellhead is methane and stockholder cash.”

Natural gas drilling is hurting land. By Ed Dentry, Rocky Mountain News.

Bush/Cheney/McCain say “drill and lower gasoline prices,” but most of the drilling onshore in the West is not for oil, but for natural gas (which is mostly methane).

Trophic Cascade: The Case For Wolves

Trophic Cascade: The Case For Wolves. By Deb Donahue.

Missing lynx? Reintroduced Colorado lynx suddenly stop breeding

Missing lynx? Reintroduced cats suddenly stop breeding. By Dave Buchanan. Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Ten years ago lynx were reintroduced to Colorado. For a number of years there was a release of lynx each year, and it took a while for survival rates to grow and reproduction to begin. However, for the last 4 years large numbers of lynx kittens have been born and survived. However, the production of kittens has suddenly stopped.

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Yellowstone Park superintendent talks brucellosis