Don’t write to Judge Molloy !!

Dear blog readers, this decison came when I was out of town and just barely had an Internet connection. I am back home now.

I see number of folks have said they will contact the judge and thank him.  I appreciate the sentiment. However, it must be understood that under the law, any comments, arguments, or evidence can only be submitted by the parties to the lawsuit.  This allows other parties to the lawsuit to contest any submissions.  Any letters to a judge about a case from nonparties are inappropriate.

Washington wolves are confirmed. Two are captured

WA biologists capture two wolves. “Washington state Fish and Wildlife biologists and wolf experts from Idaho captured what they believe are two wolves Friday in western Okanogan County, a development that could confirm the first wolf pack in Washington since the animals were eradicated decades ago.” By Shannon Dininny.  Associated Press Writer.

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More great news! What appear to be native wolves are now confirmed in Washington state. DNA testing is being done, but it is unlikely there are hybrids. One wolf is lactating. These animals are not near by the Idaho border, but in north central Washington state.