NYT editorial: Keeping the Reserve in Conservation

Efforts to open up the CRP lands for renewed farming is one of the most damaging proposals in a long time, and we will see the sad results quickly in increased soil erosion, dust storms, and disappearnce of wildlife.  Then there is many billions of dollars paid over the years for this down the drain.

Pressure to open these lands is another sad effect of the mandate to push for corn-derived ethanol.

Editorial: New York Times. Keeping the Reserve in Conservation [Reserve Program]

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Tourists not to blame in death of aggressive YNP black bear

Yellowstone Park: Tourists not to blame in bear death. By Noah Brenner. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Results of 2008 Yellowstone wolf radio collaring

Every year I have published the detailed results of the annual radio collaring of Yellowstone wolves — wolf number, color, weight, pack, the status of the wolf (such as alpha male).

I was slow to do it this year. Those of you who prompted me to get to it . . . thank you!

Here is a pdf file I converted from a spreadsheet.

Wolf radio collaring data for Yellowstone Park, 2008

There don’t seem to be any of those legendary 200 pound “Canadian” monsters of anti-wolf legend. Most of the wolves are 90-100 pounds (note: a kilogram – 2.2 pounds).

Two wolves were 55 kilograms (about 120 pounds). One of these was amazing Yellowstone Delta wolf 126F, the alpha female and one of the oldest wolves in the Park.

The Hayden Pack’s famous “black pup” had grown to 110 pounds by the time he was captured and weighed.