Shocker! 45th Parallel sign in Yellowstone wasn’t in correct location

Yellowstone moves sign marking 45th Parallel, closer to real deal. Canadian Press.

5 Responses to “Shocker! 45th Parallel sign in Yellowstone wasn’t in correct location”

  1. kim kaiser Says:

    i thought i noticed the sign in a different place than in years past,,i just figured the earth had turned or something,

  2. natehobbs Says:

    Its never been in the right place!
    but it is close enough for the tourists. I am going to go up there one of these days and find the real mark with a gps just for the kicks.

  3. Jim Macdonald Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s on one of those very dangerous windy bits along the Gardner River where it’s just impossible to stop unless you have a death wish.

    Do you think they moved it to draw less attention to the Boiling River?

  4. mikarooni Says:

    I understand that accurate survey information is critical to those individuals actually needing to use that information; however, given the overall state of things, do we, as in terms of the public at large, really need to have an accurate sign showing where to stand for a photo op? I understand that the NPS is in the carnival business by default, whether they like it or not; but, I wish they had just canned the damned sign and spent their time and money on something constructive, like fixing a leaking sewer or standing up and fighting the Montana DOL on the bison issue.

  5. Salle Says:

    Good enough for government work.

    (…and all that that implies.)

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