Resort on the face of Bitterroot Range is turned down again

Bitterroot Resort’s latest proposal rejected. By Perry Backus. Ravalli Republic


5 Responses to “Resort on the face of Bitterroot Range is turned down again”

  1. Ed Says:

    As someone who loves to ski, I don’t see any real need for another resort here. There is already Lookout Pass in the same vicinity as well as Silver mountain a little further west in Idaho. A large portion of the usage at the above come from the greater Spokane area, which already has 7 ski areas within about two hours. They should just leave this as a wilderness.

  2. Ralph Maughan Says:

    It sounds to me like it is really just a way to sell mountain real estate, something Montana and the United States doesn’t need more of.

  3. vicki Says:

    maybe these people need to look into eco tourism. no trace, profitable too

  4. Dave Ausband Says:

    From the article it sounds like if the applicants address some lynx issues all is a roll. Very disappointing for someone like me who is trying to raise my kid in a nearby town where it is harder and harder for regular folk to own any piece of property, however small and austere. A big resort just S of Missoula would make it even harder for our town to stay “small town, working class”. And I think that’s a damn shame.

  5. natehobbs Says:

    Here is one more reason to add to the list as why this is a bad idea here in Idaho. We can only assume this resort if built will suffer a similar fate.

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