State vets plan to eliminate brucellosis in Yellowstone bison

State vets plan to elminate brucellosis in Yellowstone bison. By Alden Downing, Channel 8 television. Billings, MT

How f–king stupid can you be and hold an office like this!!??

I debated the Idaho State vet once (a different person than the current one). The guy was dumb as mud, and I’ve not bragging about my intelligence when I say that.

The primary brucellosis problem is in the elk, not the bison. Every case of transmission to cattle has come from elk; none from bison.

Tests of the infection rate show that it is far higher south of Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, not inside the Park, and among the bison the big infection rate is the Jackson Hole bison, not the Yellowstone Park bison.

Elminate brucellosis from the bison and the infection in elk will hardly drop. It is the Wyoming elk feedgrounds that perpetuate the disease. All but the Montana brucellosis infection is a cow was clearly associated with winter feeding of elk near cattle.

The vets don’t dare touch this. Therefore, they suggest this offensive nonsense that will be as effective as sacrificing a virgin to a volcano.  In fact it is based on the same kind of thinking — conducting a ritual (killing or vaccinating) the bison with their ineffective vaccine with cause a change when there is no reason to expect a change except when you engage in magical thinking.

Phantom Hill Pack wolf project off to a dramatic start

Phantom Hill Pack wolf project off to a dramatic start. Idaho Mountain Express.

“Last minute reroute of sheep band helps avert ‘train wreck’

Moving a sheep herd onto a pack’s rendezvous site almost always results in dead sheep.