Senate Republicans block a global warming bill

Vote on climate bill is blocked in Senate. By H. Josef Hebert. Associated Press Writer.

The next Congress will look a lot different.

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U.S. Senate Abandons Global Warming Bill. By J.R. Pegg. Environmental News Service

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Republicans thwart McCain ‘greenwash’. By Leonard Doyle. The Independent (U.K)

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What Will the Next President Do About Climate Change? By Mark Hertsgaard. The Nation (on the left)

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A Qualified “Yes” to Cap-and-Trade. By William Tucker. The American Spectator (here a right-winger deviates from the party line to a degree).

2 Responses to “Senate Republicans block a global warming bill”

  1. Wyo Native Says:

    The Republicans are not the only blame for this bill being removed for consideration.

    Six Democrats flat out voted against it and there were another 10 that voted to move the bill forward, but they said they would not support the final bill if it looked like the one that was on the Senate floor yesterday.

  2. JEFF E Says:

    make your own conclusions

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