Studying the Wolverine

People are said to be largely unaware of the extent of needed protection for wolverine.  WIth snow-machines able to get higher and further up mountainous areas in the winter the human encroachment is increasing.  Here’s one uplifting story about a team studying wolverines in Montana :

A husband-and-wife team in Montana studies the elusive wolverineChristian Science Monitor

4 Responses to “Studying the Wolverine”

  1. Larry Thorngren Says:

    How refreshing. An wildlife study that doesn’t use intrusive radio collars, drugs or helicopters. This article should be required reading for all national park biologists and superintendents.

  2. JB Says:


    Some research requires radio/gps collars; especially body of research dealing with territory sizes and use patterns. Personally, I do a lot of photography and so I find the collars annoying; but I also understand their utility for brining us more information about species.

  3. Monty Says:

    Wow! There are truely some amazing people, like this couple, who give their “sweat”, without adequate compensation, for unselfish love of the “wild”.

  4. Bob Millman Says:

    Thank you for your very informative website.My research was prompted by a wolverine sighting near my home a few miles south of Winnipeg, Manitoba on Friday November 28/08.Wolverine is still here today,November 30/08. What a fascinating, unique creature. If any researchers interested, I could talk with property owners and possibly obtain permission for observation/study.

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