Nevada quakes continue. Are they foreshocks rather than aftershocks?

On Feb. 21, 2008 there was a moderately powerful earthquake of 6.3 near Wells, Nevada. Naturally that was followed by many aftershocks. But now geologists are wondering if something unusual may be underway, especially as the quakes seem to have migrated toward populous Reno, Nevada.

Sometimes moderately large quakes are foreshocks of a really big one.

Reno urged to prepare for worse as earthquakes continue. By Martin Griffith. Associated Press.

Update. April 30. Scientists seek clues as Reno earthquakes keep shaking. By Sandra Chereb. Associated Press.

Nevada has hundreds of mountain ranges. Most of them are classic fault block uplifts. There are thousands of active faults.

Monitor earthquakes around the world as they happen at USGS World Earthquake page.

Note: most of southern Idaho (where I live) felt the Wells quake quite distinctly.

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Lawsuit on wolf delisting to be filed Monday

Wolf lawsuit on Monday. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Eric Keszler, who speaks for Wyoming Game and Fish, says the following in the article above: “Keszler said the current [Wyoming] population can withstand the recent wolf shootings in Sublette County. He pointed out that roughly 90 percent of Wyoming’s wolves live in the trophy game area, and that Wyoming’s wolf population has continued to grow despite losing between 60 and 80 wolves per year due in control actions resulting from livestock depredations.”

Kesler’s remarks are not true when we consider last year. In the past Wyoming’s wolf population outside Yellowstone Park grew despite fairly heavy “control” killings. Last year, however, the wolf population in Wyoming barely grew, just 7%, because official and other killings were so high.

The non-national Park Wyoming wolf population (official count) follows.

2003 82 wolves
2004 101 wolves
2005 134 wolves
2006 175 wolves
2007 188 wolves