Idaho Statesman thinks Idaho Counties shouldn’t be prematurely judged on wolf killing prosecution

Idaho Statesman opines today. Idaho counties deserve chance to do right thing [on wolf killing prosecutions]

This is about the controversy over the failure of the Fremont County prosecutor to prosecute Bruen Cordingley of Ashton. He shot two wolves. He claimed they threatened his horses. No details have released expect that he killed one wolf on his property and went after the other on his snowmobile killing it more than a mile away and not on his property.

The GYC blasted Fremont County, Idaho for not prosecuting the man They GYC said the decision not to file charges demonstrates how local prosecutors could be hesitant to prosecute wolf killings when it could cost them votes in future elections. ‘If they won’t even prosecute a case this blatantly illegal, there is a problem,’ Marv Hoyt, a spokesman for the coalition, told the Post Register.”

Unfortunately Hoyt may have it only party right and the Statesman clearly doesn’t understand Idaho’s new law sneaked through the legislature on the very day of delisting. The problem isn’t Fremont County. The prosecutor could be the biggest fan of wolves in Idaho, but under the new law all someone with animals needs to say is he thought the wolf was molesting his animals, which may consist of nothing more than the man believing the wolf is thinking bad thoughts about his horses, cows, dogs, pet hamsters, etc.

Read the new law. Statesman !!

Pinedale, WY people fume on ozone

Pinedale, WY people fume on ozone. Casper Star Tribune. By Chris Merrill.

. . . the result of the industrialization of Wyoming’s open spaces by the gas industry.

This is a specific example and it fleshes out the earlier post on this web site, Recovering From Wyoming’s Energy Bender.