No Charges Filed in Wolf Killing Near Ashton, Idaho

No Charges Filed in Wolf Killing Near Ashton, Idaho. LocalNews8

Update: The first Man to Legally Shoot a Wolf Tells His Story. LocalNews8

What this means is that Idaho’s wolves are not much better protected than Wyoming’s. This all came from the law slippped through the Idaho legislature on the very day of delisting, Feb. 28. which allows any owner of any kind of domestic animal to kill a wolf if it is molesting the animals, but “molesting” is defined to broadly that they can almost always claim a wolf was molesting. Here is the definitions as stated in the new law: Molesting means “the actions of a wolf that are annoying, disturbing or persecuting, especially with hostile intent or injurious effect, or chasing, driving, flushing, worrying, following after or on the trail of, or stalking or lying in wait for, livestock or domestic animals.”

“Worrying?” How can a person tell? “Annoying?,” how can this be proven or disproven without interviewing the horse or lamb? “Lying in wait for?” People who dislike wolves generally feel that any wolf they see is thinking of eating them or one of their animals — lying in wait.

This might be one more stake through the heart of the delisting. Judges don’t like vauge, ambiguous laws, that is, hard-to-figure-out-how-to-obey-laws.

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Idaho Falls, ID
Date: April 16, 2008
Contact: Gregg Losinski. 208-525-7290

No charges filed in wolf killing

No charges will be filed in a case involving the shooting of two wolves west of Ashton on April 1.
“In my opinion, there is ‘reasonable doubt’ whether the wolves were, or were not, molesting livestock or domestic animals,” said Karl H. Lewies, Fremont County prosecuting attorney, in a letter to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

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Important Bison News release

Maybe Montana’s governor is going to finally do something.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CONTACT: Sarah Elliott 406-444-9725

Governor, Yellowstone Park Superintendent to Make Announcement about
Interagency Bison Management Plan – Tomorrow at Gallatin Airport

(HELENA) – Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone Park Superintendent
Suzanne Lewis will make a historic announcement about the Interagency Bison
Management Plan tomorrow, Thursday, April 17th at 1:30PM in the conference
room of the Old Terminal Building, north of the control tower at the
Gallatin Field Airport.

WHO: Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone National Park
Superintendent Suzanne Lewis

WHAT: Announcement about Interagency Bison Management Plan

WHEN: TOMORROW — Thursday, April 17 – 1:30PM

WHERE: Conference Room, Old Terminal Building- North of Control Tower,
Gallatin Field Airport (Between Commercial Terminal and Arlin’s Aircraft)

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Fernie, B.C. opposes massive development just north of Montana border

Here is some good news. Back to the long-running controversy over massive coal and coal methane development just north of the Montana border in the wild country of British Columbia near Glacier National and Waterton National Parks . . . Fernie, B.C. officials pass resolution opposing methane development. By Susan Gallagher. AP.

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Time to CUT a deal [on bison]

Time to CUT a deal. For hordes of Yellowstone bison, the difference between life and death is a herd of cattle on land owned by the Church Universal and Triumphant. Buying out the church’s interests might just let the buffalo roam. By: Patrick Klemz.  Missoula Independent.

This is about the proposed deal with the Church Universal and Triumphant to let about 100 bison roam just north of Yellowstone Park. The comment by Glenn Hockett should be read along with the story.

Buffalo Requiem: Indian ceremony honors slaughtered bison

Buffalo Requiem: Indian ceremony honors slaughtered bison. By Brett French. Billings Gazette.

The Billings Gazette did a major story on the Native American ceremony to honor the 1500 plus Yellowstone Park bison the Montana Department of Livestock has killed this winter.

Related: Change in bison policy comes slowly. By Brett French. Billings Gazette. This is about Rosalie Little Thunder, bison activist.

Photogenic Grand Teton NP grizzly family making last show together

Photogenic grizzly family making last show together. By Cory Hatch. Jackson Hole News and Guide. Grand Teton biologist says mother No. 399 is likely to send her cubs off on their own in a few weeks.