Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition fundraiser – Cascade, Idaho

On April 2 Ron Gillette spoke during a fundraiser in Cascade Idaho. The Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition hopes to build funds to pass a voter-initiative in the state of Idaho seeking to eradicate wolves from the state. Many have asked about the video of this meeting in Cascade, Idaho. An edited version is posted below.

As much as we would like to believe these things don’t exist, they do exist. The Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition has touted “Butch” Otter, Helen Chenoweth, and other local Idaho state politicians as a supporters in the past, though I suspect many have distanced themselves since.

Warning: The video contains derogatory language aimed at wolf-advocates and wolves verging on hate-speech.

Added 7-22-08. I think this organization has largely fallen apart. Ralph Maughan

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Washington State cougars pushed to the brink

Cougars in chaos. How a state hunting policy pushed Washington’s big cats to the brink. April 14, 2008. By Liza Gross. High Country News.

Earlier I posted. Special Washington cougar hunt backfires

Other states like Idaho and Oregon are headed down the same path.

California wolverine came from the Rocky Mountains

The wolverine was thought to be extinct in California. Then a remote sensing camera photographed one and its scat was collected.

DNA evidence from the scat analysis says it came from the Rocky Mountains. Did it walk to California?

California wolverine came from the Rocky Mountains. By Dylan Darling.

Massive bighorn sheep die-off in Montana

Massive bighorn sheep die-off in Montana. WWP blog.

Once again, domestic sheep have destroyed a bighorn sheep herd.

Buffalo spirit rite in Yellowstone Tuesday

Buffalo spirit rite in Yellowstone Tuesday. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

The big bison slaughter has offended many Native Americans.