Druids den near traditional den site

I’m still at Yellowstone and there is interesting wolf news.


The Druid Peak Pack, after using alternative dens the last two years, has returned to the area on Druid Peak to den where they did from 1997 to 2005. It is probably not the same dens, but basically in the dense area of conifers on the SE face of the peak.

The area is now closed but surrounded on the road by many wolf watchers. I saw and took a number of photos today of a dark gray yearling along Soda Butte Creek who then climbed up to the road and passed though a large number of people near “footbridge” parking lot.

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NYT: In the West, a Fierce Battle Over Wolves

In the West, a Fierce Battle Over Wolves. By Kirk Johnson. New York Times.
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Most of the focus has been on Wyoming. So far 3 illegal killings of wolves in east central and eastern Idaho have been detected.

WY Game and Fish . . .”People shouldn’t be alarmed,” but 13 are dead already

WY Game and Fish . . .”People shouldn’t be alarmed,” but 13 are dead already [I rewrote the headline]. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune.

At the Chico Conference one of the best papers made it clear that the Wyoming plan’s cutoff of the migration route south by putting it in the wolf-are-vermin zone, is one of the worst things about the delisting, and it is a major reason by folks who care about wolves in Colorado and Utah are so upset about Wyoming.

To those who defend Wyoming, this is a big reason why “outside” people care about what Wyoming does with the wolves.