Three polar bears wander into town hundreds of miles south of their normal range

Grizzly bears are showing up in the high arctic and polar bears wandering south of the Arctic Circle.

These 3 starving polar bears were shot when they discovered food in a village far inland.

Lost polar bears hit NWT town. Animals’ arrival hundreds of kilometres south of habitat seen as sign of climate change. By Katherine O’Neil. The Globe and Mail.

Wolf fan wants Wyoming boycott

Wolf fan wants Wyoming boycott. By Brett French. Billings Gazette Staff.

New York Times editorial: When Protection Vanishes

When Protection Vanishes. Opinion of the New York Times.

This is about the spate of wolf killings since federal protection vanished. Actually there were 5 wolves killed in Sublette County, Wyoming, not 3 or 4 as reported earlier.

“The simple ethical fact seems to be that humans cannot restrain themselves, not without laws and incentives that are only as solid as our weakest intentions. The laws change, and overnight all that good work is threatened by gun smoke.”