Anti-wolf activist Ron Gillett arrested for assaulting Lynne Stone

“Anti-wolf activist arrested for assaulting wolf advocate. Anti-wolf activist Ron Gillett allegedly attacks wolf activist
Lynne Stone says she took pictures of the Anti-Wolf Coalition director, then he grabbed and shook her.” By Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.

Added 3-28. Anti-wolf activist charged with assault and battery. Ron Gillett arrested for allegedly assaulting wolf advocate Lynne Stone. By Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer 

Added – Video of Ron Gillett at Anti-Wolf Fundraiser :

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Proposed dam on Cache la Poudre River is controversial in Fort Collins, Colorado

Divide develops over dam. A proposed $431 million dam and reservoir project north of Fort Collins riles those who see it as a disastrous strangling of the picturesque Cache la Poudre River. By Michael Booth. The Denver Post.

The dam is said to be justified by projected growth of new homes. Instead it is a massive subsidy for the continuation of a bad idea and an economy destroying practice.

The governments in this country are having a hard time adjusting to the fact that the home building boom is over. Now they should take a “time out” and consider all they have done to facilitate the creation of an unsustainable hosing market directed at the upper class and the upper middle class* — how many resources were unnecessarily sacrificed. They also need to consider their ethics, or more likely lack thereof, and get out of bed with the developers.

The dollar’s international value is now a joke and the inventory of unsold homes is at least a year from being filled. Nevertheless, we keep hearing proposals for more big developments, ones the average American never could afford to buy into. Many in the West are located in or near scenic mountainous areas where they take a toll on wildlife and require a huge new infrastructure (such as this dam).

If the American economy is to ever prosper again, there needs to be much less investment in housing for the relatively well off and much more in science, technology, environmental protection and remediation, efficient health care, education and reeducation, new energy sources and especially efficient use of energy, etc.

This dam is an illustration of the wrong mentality, and it shows the striking decline in this country is not the work of the Republican Administration in Washington alone.

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*Ironically, despite the huge number of new homes, few are within the reach of the lower middle class and those with fewer means.

Just as So. Calif. bighorn stage comeback, Bush Administration proposes cutting their critical habitat in half

Bighorns facing smaller habitatSan Diego Union Tribune