Nevada closes Jerritt Canyon Mine for mercury releases

Here’s a real story. It’s about the poisoning of Idaho. Nevada and this mining company should be paying we Idahoans reparations.

Nevada closes mine for mercury releases. Idaho officials say Jerritt Canyon has tainted Gem State waters and fish. The mine will have to fix its pollution control equipment. By Rocky Barker. Idaho Statesman.

This gold mine was the worst single source of mercury pollution in the United States, but it is just one of scores of gold pits releasing mercury across Nevada.

Billings Gazette makes 8 dead sheep into “crime of the century” story.

Talk about over-the-top bias . . . !

Would this story make any local news if the sheep were killed by something other than a wolf? Eight dead sheep is normally not news.

The fact that the owner won’t seek reimbursement indicates this is not about economics, but social hostility, aided and abetted by the reporter.

Not seen for century, wolf kills sheep. Predator makes kills in Two Dot area. By Brett French. The Gazette Staff

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