EPA modestly tightens ozone standards after last minute Bush weakening

Earlier I posted articles about the ozone pollution spreading across the open spaces of Wyoming, but also that the EPA was about to tighten the standards nationwide. The EPA did a little bit, but President Bush personally intervened to block tighter seasonal standards, which are the most important because air pollution varies greatly by season due to dispersion pattern changes.

Story. Bush ‘Intervened At The 11th Hour’ To Kill Climate Protections. Think Progress.

New air quality rules could affect Pinedale, Wyoming area. By Chris Merrill. Casper Star Tribune.

Revised smog rules put six Utah counties in air pollution spotlight. By Judy Fahys. The Salt Lake Tribune

Research? Central Alberta wolf reduction planned to “balance” wolf and elk populations

Alberta gives the wolf no protection to begin with. Elk populations in the area are high, and it is questionable whether this is research. This is not a huge wolf killing/sterilization project, but it could devolve into such a project.

The major newspapers don’t like it.

Wolves targeted to boost elk hunt. Sterilization part of Alberta experiment to shrink packs. Cathy Ellis, For the Calgary Herald.

Editorial. Culling wolves so hunters can cull elk. The Edmonton Journal.

Keep researchers at bay. Calgary Herald

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The first wave of wolves to Yellowstone and Central Idaho (1995) came from this area.