2007 wolf report for the Northern Rockies is finally published

“Buffaloed” posted this information in an earlier thread, but so everyone interested can find it, here it the link to the 2007 Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery 2007 Interagency Annual Report.

I suppose this will be the last federal report one unless delisting is set aside. Each state might produce one each year in the future (at least I think it likely and it is certainly desirable).

Government denies protected status for wolverines in mainland U.S.

Government denies protected status for wolverines in mainland U.S. By John Cramer of the Missoulian.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. . . “Enviros are most worried that the Bushies now appear to be saying they don’t have to protect animals inside U.S. borders if lots of them are living in Canada or Mexico. Defenders of Wildlife called the administration’s move ‘a stunning interpretation of their responsibilities under the Endangered Species Act.’ Defenders’ Jamie Rappaport Clark, who used to run the agency that made the decision, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, had this to say:

This sets a new low in a long line of irresponsible, disturbing decisions made of late by the Bush administration. The Endangered Species Act was designed to protect and preserve imperiled wildlife populations — not so that we can pass our responsibilities off onto our border neighbors, who may not have the resources or protections that we have here.

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This interpretation of the ESA has been firmed rejected in the past (as with gray wolves), but this old rejected argument has become the new Bush Administration party line, guaranteeing that every ESA listing will have to be litigated.

Fortunately these people will be gone in 9 months.

B.C. government shifts away from development of Flathead Valley

Well maybe . . . the article is more of a hope than report of the facts.

Victoria shifts away from development of Flathead Valley. But permanent protection still needed for rare treasure. Kathryn Molloy, Vancouver Sun