USFWS greatly expands proposed critical habitat for lynx

This is a great improvement over their first proposal, which was pathetic, and, once again, this new proposal was strongly influenced by the effect of disgraced Julie MacDonald, the deputy assistant secretary of Interior who was far too friendly with industry lobbyists.

So many species have advanced, although not yet to the final stage since she was sent packing, that it almost seems like a good thing she was in her position, eventually serving to make the courts look into the corruption.

Story: Proposal would increase critical lynx habitat. By John Cramer of the Missoulian

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  1. Anne Lewis Says:

    All wild cats need protection. I don’t know how many more idiots around here have killed bobcats over a couple of chickens, but at least two of my neighbors have. I asked one if they wanted extra chicken wire to cover the top of their coop. They weren’t interested. A little more magic is sucked out of our neighborhood whenever someone kills a bobcat over something like that, while not interested in taking preventive measures.

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