The Political Viability of NREPA

Michael Garrity gives a thoughtful account of The Political Viability of NREPA citing the Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Natural Resources committee’s support.

A lot of good things may be on the horizon for those willing to push.

Livestock industry looks for more money for wildlife killing agency

Livestock’s war on wildlife is heating up. One day after the final wolf delisting rule (2/21/08) the Capital Press, Ag’s favorite rag, published that

Producers push for more livestock protection [wildlife killing] funds (2/22/08 – Subscriber Only) :

The article reports that cattle and sheep industry people are asking the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural development and Related Agencies to increase appropriations for “livestock protection” (which means killing wildlife that these producers don’t like) by Wildlife Services.

Wildlife Services (WS) is the militant wing of the Department of Agriculture, and has done one thing well – it kills pubic wildlife for private livestock interests. In 2006 WS spent over $108 million federal dollars killing over 180 animals per hour. Ralph has recently shown us Wildlife Services doing their work by air and over at Sinapu’s blog they’ve described how WS covers the ground.It seems to me like less, not more money for the unpopular killing of America’s wildlife using chemical agents that’d make Saddam Hussein cringe would be a good start for a Congress looking to exercise real fiscal responsibility, moral authority, and prudently focused domestic security.

Defending the West is virtue

‘Barb’ commented on a post that Ralph wrote a year ago today. It deserves to be reposted on its first birthday.

Defending the West is virtue

At Potamogeton Park, Madison Range, Montana. Gallatin National Forest. Photo by Ralph Maughan