Citizen Takes Action To Shut Down Bison Trap

 A lot of bad news recently concerning buffalo being captured for slaughter to appease Livestock.

This press release from the Buffalo Field Campaign:

“I called, I wrote, and no response…This is my response.”

For Immediate Release, February 25, 2008
Contact:  Buffalo Field Campaign, Stephany Seay or Mike Mease 406-646-0070

WEST YELLOWSTONE, MONTANA – An unidentified man has made it impossible for Montana Department of Livestock agents to capture bison in the recently erected Horse Butte bison trap.  The man is perched upon a platform suspended from the top of a pair of poles that are standing on end and anchored to the walls of the trap.  A large banner hanging from the platform reads, “I called, I wrote, and no response…This is my response.”  Photos of the blockade. Read the rest of this entry »

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Approaching: Mark Rey’s court date

This has got to be one of my favorite stories. It is too rare these days that public officials are directly held to account. The court date for Rey is set for Tuesday.

Agriculture chief may face jail time

As the story illustrates, and we’ve gone over before, Rey spent much time with disgraced Sen. Larry Craig and as a former timber lobbyist before being appointed undersecretary for natural resources and agriculture by the Bush Administration. Rey moved to privatize your public land, dismantle the legal safeguards for wild places, and so much more.

Although I am skeptical about the possibility that Rey will indeed be thrown behind bars for this particular contempt, he should be – the lawlessness and public land profiteering personified by this man ought be reprimanded, he’d make a fine example.