EPA slams new plan for gas field near Pinedale, WY

Wow, if Bush’s EPA doesn’t like it, it must have a really terrible environmental impact.

EPA slams new plan for Sublette gas field. Watchdog agency rips BLM proposal, says past study underestimated pollution by factor of 5. By Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole News and Guide

“The EPA letter comes in response to the Bureau of Land Management’s proposal for two options to develop 4,399 new wells on 12,278 acres of the Pinedale Anticline, late last year. The anticline is a tight-sands gas reserve beneath the Pinedale Mesa, located about 70 miles southeast of Jackson.

The windswept mesa is winter range to mule deer that summer as far away as Snow King Mountain and rises on a migration route for antelope that summer in Grand Teton National Park.”

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  1. Cowboy the Cat Says:

    Fracking is the issue with groundwater… another forgotten impact of O&G. Environmentally persistent chemicals injected into the ground to open up fissures that may or may not lead to the drinking water sources. Yeah, THAT’s a good idea. It’s amazing to look with hindsite at what was said would be the environmental impacts of O&G. It’s laughable really. Somehow “we told you so” just doesn’t cut it.

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