When Grizzlies Ruin Eden, Moose Take to the Road

Dr. Joel Berger has become notable for his research on Greater Yellowstone moose. In this interview with the New York Times he talks about how the growing presence of grizzly bears in the Grand Teton NP area is related to, may result in moose moving closer to roads to escape grizzly bear predation on their calves.

 When Grizzlies Ruin Eden, Moose Take to the Road. By Claudia Dreifus. New York Times.

Wyoming Stock Growers Association backs bill to prevent Wyoming Game and Fish from holding grazing leases

This is another attempt by this powerful livestock interest group to lock Wyoming Game and Fish into their awful feeding regime, keeping Wyoming elk like livestock in during the winter months.

Story in Wyomingfile Network. By Brodie Farquhar.

Note that Wyomingfile is a new experiment in news coverage in Wyoming. It looks like an important source of news. I linked to it in my blogroll.

Little sign of wolves in Lower Michigan

Michigan has a fairly large recovered wolf population (over 500 wolves), but essentially all live in the UP, that part of the state which, geographically speaking, is upper Wisconsin. Despite reports of wolves in Lower Michigan, the Michigan DNR finds them so scattered they are stopping intensive monitoring for wolves in that part of the state.

DNR: Broad wolf search ends. But officials will continue case-by-case efforts. Bu Sheri McWhirter. Traverse City Record-Eagle.