Mexican Wolf Population Survey is complete for 2007. The population is low and declining

The government has produced its 2007 Mexican wolf population survey. It shows a slight downtrend in the already too low figures — 52 wolves down from 59 in 2006.  “Altogether, 22 wolves were removed from the wild in 2007 compared to 18 the previous year; 19 for depredating livestock.”

They are going into 2008 with only 3 breeding pairs! There is no indication that controversy about a ranch hand baiting in a wolf so it could be “legally” killed by the government for killing a cow calf has made any difference at all.

Firedoglake blog takes an eco-view of the Presidential candidates

They don’t even bother with McCain — too horrible to contemplate, but there isn’t much with Barrick or Hillary either, although the author concludes that Hillary is better than the rest.

An Eco-View of the Dem Contenders. By Kirk Murphy. Firedoglake

Speaking personally, I spent a lot of time any money on past presidential campaigns, but this time I am hardly inspired. Obama’s messge of change, hope and unity is thrilling a lot of people, but because I’ve followed campaigns since 1964, a promise of renewal and change stated in such generic terms is hardly new.

And, after all, the President who made the most changes, although he give little hint of it during his campaign, was George W. Bush.

Part of the problem is, once again, the MSM concentrates on personality and tactics in it’s coverage, e.g. can McCain convince conservatives? Is Hillary too cold (or, alternatively, too emotional)? Does Barrick’s spouse remind us of Jackie Kennedy? The war, the economy, the environment, seem to have disappeared.