Mega-wind project south of Twin Falls, Idaho progresses. Bulk of electricity likely to go out of state

Mega-wind project south of T.F. progresses. Bulk of electricity likely to go out of state [to Nevada]. By Matt Christensen
Times-News writer.

I’m sick and tired of Idaho being raped and Idaho poisoned for the sake of making money in Nevada.

Wolves making comeback in SW British Columbia after century of bounties, poisoning

Wolves making comeback in SW British Columbia after century of bounties, poisoning. Larry Pynn. Vancouver Sun.

Grizzly bears are increasing too.

U.S. is declared “brucellosis free” (except for wildife).

Let’s all cheer. USDA has declared U.S. brucellosis free except for Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park elk and bison.

“We must now focus our efforts on eradicating brucellosis from the free-ranging elk and bison populations in the Greater Yellowstone Area in order to protect our national cattle herd against future outbreaks of this disease.”  These are the words of some Bush USDA undersecretary.

Lies. Lies. The disease is not perpetuated in these national parks.

As we comb Bush’s phony budget, I think we can find some funds to cut here unless they start to focus on real disease threats.

USDA News Release 

Land agencies could endure heavy cuts under new Bush budget

Bush released his proposed FY 2009 budget yesterday. It cuts just about every domestic government agency and program. Defense would get a 7% increase.

Land management agencies get the ax again. The National Park Service is said to be one exception, although the story in the Missoulian as an update indicates even this is slight-of-hand. The oil and gas portion of the BLM’s budget will go up. Land agencies could endure heavy cuts. By Noelle Straub. Billings Gazette Washington Bureau.

His budget received heavy criticism in Congress. I found the Republican National Committee had good things to say about the budget on-line, but the National Republican Congressional Committee (the Republican caucus in the House) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee were silent.

The major newspapers I read were critical. There will be a big battle over this budget.

Update. National Parks budget falls short, critics say. By Michael Jamison. The Missoulian

Update. Congress Looks Askance at Bush’s Budget. By Jim Abrams. AP.