Deep snow this winter!

5 Responses to “Deep snow this winter!”

  1. kt Says:

    Check this out “Humans banned on lands near Gunnison”

    They must be getting really nervous about Gunnison sage grouse listing.

  2. steve c Says:

    Any chance they are going to try to blame the snow on wolves?

  3. Heather Says:

    probably! and also that it is proof there is no global warming/climate change.

  4. Mike Says:

    Great news. Snowpack has been way down in the northern Rockies. Hopefully you guys don’t get another warm spring that melts the stuff.

  5. JEFF E Says:

    Hopefully we don’t get a shift in the jet stream any time soon. We’re (in Idaho) only about 70-75% of only a normal water year so far with only a couple more months to go.

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