Ranchers say they are being squeezed out on Bighorn National Forest

This came from the Billings Gazette and was republished today in Casper Star Tribune. Ranchers say they are being squeezed.

It is true the Western Watersheds Project is trying to establish the rule of law on the Bighorn National Forest, and if you have have read the posts of Robert Hoskins about the defective nature of democracy in Wyoming (run as fiefdom by the livestock and mineral industry), one way of having your influence felt is to donate to the Western Watersheds Project.

Why does Idaho government ignore the Minnesota wolf experience?

This is an editorial in the Idaho Mountain Express.

Clear thinking and biology should drive wolf management. View of the Idaho Mountain Express.

Idaho influential decision-makers are not alone in their self-centered thinking. Other Western States that have wolves, or may have migratiing wolves arrive, consistently make statements warning of disaster if wolves show up, or stating that their state has become an economic wasteland,  completely ignoring the years to experience in other states. Most of the time, the msm simply report these warnings without comment. They might even endorse them; so hat’s off of the Mountain Express.

Battle over bighorns: State seeks solutions to domestic vs. wild sheep conflict

Here is another story on effort by the woolgrowers to take over and divert bighorn sheep management in Idaho. It is on the front page of the Magic Valley Times News today.

I’d judge the article to be just fair in its accuracy.

Battle over bighorns. State seeks solutions to domestic vs. wild sheep conflict. By Matt Christensen. Times-News writer.

I think the science on domestic sheep infecting bighorns is conclusive. Every step of the process is not known, but then neither is it known for the malarial infection of humans. Nevertheless, everyone knows the mosquito is the vector. Sheep are the vector for the pneumonia bighorn get after contact with them.