Idaho Statesman’s View: It’s high time to let states manage wolves

This appeared a few days ago. Our View: It’s high time to let states manage wolves (by the editorial board).

After many complaints, we found out who actually wrote this. She hadn’t even read the state wolf management plan. Discussion of the details and the facts didn’t matter, apparently those things didn’t matter.

Addendum 12-30-08: I was contacted by the Idaho Statesman. They insisted that the author of the editorial had indeed read the plan. Because I did not talk to the the author, but relied on someone who had, and he was firm that she said she had not, this is basically a “he said,” “she said,” in that my information is second hand.

Perhaps it would have been best to point out all the defects in the editorial, but this is far enough in the past, I won’t. I think every reader can easily make a judgment. Ralph Maughan