Bangs clears up some media confusion

I have seen both of these stories, and thought I should post and clarify, but haven’t had the time or incentive (lazy) to do it. Fortunately Ed Bangs sent out the following.

Not a wild wolf issue but was confused with one in media so…On the 28th, the Owyhee County Sheriff in ID requested ID WS [Wildlife Services] assistance with capturing a black privately-owned captive wolf that escaped from its enclosure late last month.  The wolf has reportedly been sighted west of Murphy, ID several times since it escaped. On 11/22, the wolf was seen attacking some sheep.  WS confirmed that one ewe had been killed by a wolf-like canid and two others had been injured.  While traps have been set, WS is focusing on trying to locate the captive wolf.  WS will work with the Sheriff and IDFG to resolve the problem.  

In a related story this week another captive wolf/hybird was repeatedly seen in a suburb east of Salt Lake City, UT.

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  1. Lynne Says:

    Is the escaped wolf and the hybrid going to be shot and killed? There’s so much of that, it’s so sad about these hybrids, people who breed these animals should be fined big bucks.

    As for the wolves, people are not going to be happy until they are wiped off the face of this earth, shame on the people who want to trap and kill these wolves, they are apart of the environment and who are we to try and manage them when we can’t even manage our own species.

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