Dr. Jon Way reports on he and his students’ trip to Yellowstone wolf country

Jon Way just got back from Yellowstone, and he has a report on some of the same events covered by Kathie Lynch. He also has photos.

It is at his web page: Update November 28, 2007: Yellowstone trip with more pictures added Nov. 29!

Missoulian says the decision not to list river grayling smells “fishy”

Fluvial (river) grayling have been reduced to just one river in the lower 48 states. USFWS doesn’t want to list them. They say graying in the few lakes that have them are sufficient. Western Watersheds Project and other groups are suing over this refusal to list.

Editorial in the Missoulian.

Slow Montana hunting season ends with a bang

Slow Montana hunting season ends with a bang. By Perry Backus. Missoulian.

Just to remind folks how much difference weather makes in a hunting season.

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Hunting for wolves

Hunting for wolves. By Nicholas K. Geranios. AP

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