Agencies that manage Yellowstone bison plan public meeting in Bozeman Dec. 4

The National Park Service, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service [APHIS],  Forest Service, Montana Department of Livestock and Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks will hold this meeting. Story.

3 Responses to “Agencies that manage Yellowstone bison plan public meeting in Bozeman Dec. 4”

  1. Robert Hoskins Says:

    I would hope that as many people in Montana as possible would attend this and inform the agencies that the so-called bison management plan is a disgrace in every detail. I am going to try and go up from Wyoming to attend this, if the weather permits.

  2. kim kaiser Says:

    dont forget the video camera,, seems those do the best at documenting these things,

  3. Buffaloed Says:

    BFC takes a video camera or two everywhere it goes. I’m sure this will be no exception.

    I would like to attend this meeting (I’m still in western Idaho) but I’m sure the buffalo folks will be represented since BFC is so near Bozeman. I encourage anyone that can make it to attend and speak up for the buffalo. It seems a rare opportunity for people to speak directly to the agencies.

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