Wyoming Game and Fish passes final wolf plan

The wheels greased for its acceptance by the Bush Administration, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission met in Thermopolis, Wyoming and passed the much criticized Wyoming state wolf management plan, which is bad for wolves in almost every way.

Only two conservationists testified, Franz Camenzind of the Jackson Hole Alliance and Lisa Upson of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

One who was there wrote by email: “This was really a pretty grim meeting. Virulent and ugly group of antiwolfers, with derogatory and threatening comments directed at Franz, who was essentially the only pro wolf participant. GYC, the imitation conservation group, didn’t bother to have anyone testify; Franz took a lot of abuse. On the other hand it was ugly enough [it] sounds like [it] may have even embarrassed some of the commissioners.”

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. By Cory Hatch and AP.

Note: it looks like the person who emailed (quoted above) did not hear or forgot to mention Lisa Upton.

Update 11-20-07: By telephone, I received what I thought was probably a good explanation why the GYC did not publicly testify. 

Study links wolves, coyotes of Bay State

Study links wolves, coyotes of Bay State.  By Stan Freeman. The Republican

Dr. John Way (who frequently comments on this blog said) “The results seem to show that, on average, roughly 10 to 15 percent of the genetic makeup of our Eastern coyotes is Eastern wolf. . . . However, some of the individuals studied were almost pure Eastern wolf.”

To best understand what Dr. Way found, go to his web page”