So what about Idaho wolves, anyway?

Lynne Stone suggested a post where folks could discuss Idaho wolves. So if they do, here it is.


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Writers on the Range: A wolf tale that’s all too true

Writers on the Range: A wolf tale that’s all too true. By Brian Connolly. Writers on the Range.

Most folks who follow the wolves in Yellowstone know Brian Connolly, many by sight, and by reputation from his fine novels for teenagers, Wolf Journal from several years ago, and his latest, Hawk. VirtualBookWorm Publishing. College Station, TX. 2007.

The condition of grizzly bear and woodland caribou populations Banff National Park rated as “poor”

Woodland caribou population is down to ten or less and grizzlies only 60 in Banff in 80 in the Kananaskis country to its south.

Grim for grizzlies. Gloom and doom’ for Banff’s ursine residents, says park report. Cathy Ellis, Calgary Herald.

By contrast both Glacier NP and Yellowstone NP each have over 200 grizzlies with about 300 more nearby outside these national parks.

The Opal mountain range in the Kananaskis country. Grizzlies struggle here and northward in Banff. Photo copyright Ralph Maughan