Strange beast found near Cuero, Texas is a coyote

There have been scary stories about the “goatsucker” for some time.

It turns out it is a hairless coyote, but the story doesn’t answer if it was a mutation, deformity, sick, or if there are more than one.

Strange beast found near Cuero, Texas is a coyote. Roger Croteau. San Antonio Express-News

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7 Responses to “Strange beast found near Cuero, Texas is a coyote”

  1. skyrim Says:

    ARGH! Can’t we have a nice mystery without a damn marketing angle?

  2. Buffaloed Says:

    It wasn’t a mystery! It was a damned coyote! I saw the photo’s and it was sooooo obvious. I think this goes to show how divorced from the natural world so many people have become. Every photo I’ve seen of the so-called “chupakabra” have been dried up, mangy, road-killed coyotes.

  3. mikarooni Says:

    It’s a coyote? Well, it sure fooled me; I thought it looked just like any other Republican from Texas.

  4. skyrim Says:


  5. elkhunter Says:

    Thats a ugly coyote for sure! I have never called in one that looked like that! I would probably be kinda freaked out!

  6. Steve Says:

    I know what coyotes look like. This is not a coyote. I see them all the time in the hills and streets here (the Hollywood Hills…yes, that’s right). I bet that the dna also matches any other breed of dog, also. To me, it’s a kind of unknown American hyena that has not been seen very often, or like this one, taken very seriously. It could be a prehistoric animal that has managed to survive to this day like the elephants and rhinos. Looks similar to the “Tasmanian Tiger” of Australia. These should be captured and studied, not killed and laughed at by non-scientific morons.

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