[Utah] Off-road activist says he’s tossed in the towel

Off-road activist [Huck] says he’s tossed in the towel. He declares, after ruling, he’ll no longer fight wilderness designations. By Patty Henetz. (link expired) The Salt Lake Tribune. Note the SLT link died, but a found an active link at an off-road activist site.

“It’s like battling the Borg: Resistance is futile,” Huck said during a phone call from Blue Notch, a desert region near Lake Powell’s Hite Marina where he was dirt-biking with his family. “We might as well just designate all of Utah wilderness now and get it over with.”

2 Responses to “[Utah] Off-road activist says he’s tossed in the towel”

  1. skyrim Says:

    I agree Huck. Where do I sign?

  2. Jim Says:

    Me too, sign me up. And after designating Utah wilderness, do the rest of the country the same way.

    BTW, does anybody on this blog have an opinion about beginning sentences with conjunctions, like I did above with the conjunction “and”?

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