New record number of visits today!

I guess going to a moderated blog pleased those who are likely to visit this blog.

Everyday WordPress tallies the number of visits to each blog and each post on the blog. That happens at 6 PM mountain time. It is now 3:46 PM mountain time and a new daily record of visits has been set.

I think the acrimonious comments were driving people away.

One Response to “New record number of visits today!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Excellent. This is a testimony to what you do here. Congratulations Ralph. I also wanted to say “thanks so very much”, to all of those helpful gentlemen who gave me info a few weeks ago. They helped make my first fall visit to YNP a success. I saw wolves (Slough Creek Pack), bears, and the works. I was captivated by the canines. I especially enjoyed watching a coyote scavenge a bison carcass next to a river. They are crafty little critters. I also hear a bull elk broke another’s neck in the Mammoth area. We had watched them fght to such extreme exhaustion that I am not surprised. I also wanted to thank every one who gave me info about the bison. My son’s school has made helping the bison their community service project this year. It was great to get the info!

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