Idaho’s Mike Simpson picks up Craig’s range ideas

There is an important story in the WWP blog. Idaho’s one kinda moderate member of Congress (Rep. Mike Simpson, 2nd district) is stepping in to fill Craig’s stance on grazing and wildfires.

3 Responses to “Idaho’s Mike Simpson picks up Craig’s range ideas”

  1. skyrim Says:

    Perhaps he could give Larry a little shove out the door. Doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere right away…..

  2. JEFF E Says:

    creigh released a news blurb saying he is going to stay. good for the repubs.

  3. sal Says:

    There they go again, shooting themselves in the foot…

    Larry’s attitude about the whole thing seems kinda wishy-washy to me.

    “First you say you do
    And then, you don’t
    Then you say you will
    But then, you won’t
    You’re undicided now
    So what are you gonna do?”

    (“Undecided” Unknown, circa1927)

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