Wild horse roundup in the Great Divide Basin

The BLM is going to remove about half the wild horses in the Great Divide Basin of south central Wyoming. Story by Cat Urbigkit in the Casper Star Tribune.

I found it interesting that they have done a genetic analysis of the origin of the horses.

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3 Responses to “Wild horse roundup in the Great Divide Basin”

  1. d. Bailey Hill Says:

    Interesting, yet aggravating. Co-operation with local ranchers and genetic testing for a non-native species…..
    The same treatment should also be afforded the American Bison, a native species, a national icon and symbol for our National Parks system.
    Despite my anger I really appreciate the adoption program. Not long ago OPB aired a great documentary about the wild horses and the folks in OR that have adopted them.
    The GYE bison should be treated with the same respect.

  2. Terry Says:

    Fairly recent scientific evidence proves wild horses are a native species. A paper is being released soon. I’m curious what genetically testing bison would prove.
    What’s not native are bighorn sheep. The difference is, wild horses are not a hunted species, therefore considered worthless. Even bison are still hunted, if you can call that hunting. And they are also harassed by federal agents as wild horses are.

  3. Ralph Maughan Says:

    That would be pretty amazing. I am skeptical, but I hope to see the paper.

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