Casewell Confirmed as BLM director

Jim Caswell gets confirmed as BLM director of 264 million acres of public lands by voice vote Friday as Colorado Senator Ken Salazar folds his hold when promised a letter from Kempthorne. Salazar’s hold on the nomination was to protest against natural gas development in his district.

Caswell’s comments to FWS in support of the Wolf (10j rule) changes:

Update. Story on what led to Casewell’s confirmation — a deal to mitigate oil and gas damage to the Roan Plateau in western Colorado. Salazar wins delay in Roan Plateau plan. By Todd Hartman.  Rocky Mountain News. 

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Thiel honored for wolf education in mid-West

Richard Thiel, Wisconsin’s first wolf biologist, received honors in DC for his role with wolf education.

The article also gives a brief description of recovery in the mid-West.

Tomah man honored for work with wolves
The Tomah Journal
By Keith Zukas

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Western governors declare war on cheatgrass

Western Governors yesterday held a press conference to declare war on cheatgrass.

I can’t help but think back to an article on NewWest describing the importance of words when considering conservation politics – politics in general.

We’ve got a good idea how politicians in cowboy suits conduct their perpetual wars. Now it’s been declared in the West, on up to a million acres recently charred by fire – against an infliction of the range which follows the very ‘prescriptions’ that they call for. They’re chasing their tails, and in the process turning your public lands into their private pasture.
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